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Títulos de compensação extra-salarial com vantagens sociais e fiscais

Mais para a sua empresa e mais para os seus colaboradores.

Ticket Restaurant®
On paper and on card

Ticket Restaurant® is a payment method that allows organizations to subsidize with tax advantages, the daily meals of its employees.

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Ticket Infância®
Education-related costs

Ticket Infância® is given by companies and institutions to their employees, to subsidize education-related costs of children Preschool (up to 7 years of age).

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Ticket Educação®
Education-related costs

Ticket Educação® is attributed by companies and institutions to their employees, to subsidize the education-related costs of their children.

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Ticket Ensino®
Education Cheque

Allows companies and institutions to subsidize the education-related costs employees' children at all levels of education.

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Ticket Saúde®
Well-being vouchers

Allows companies to subsidize employees and their family members in relation to social support and health costs.

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Ticket Oferta®
Gift certificate

Ticket Oferta® is a gift certificate for the payment of goods and services in a broad national network of selected Stores and Brands.

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Ticket Car®
Fuel vouchers

Ticket Car® is a service ticket to pay for fuel and car assistance costs, provided to companies and institutions.

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